18 Exotic Places to Visit in California

The great state of California is on nearly every traveler’s bucket list and with good reasons. So let’s check out some beautiful California traveling places that can help you in making your mind for the right travel spot. There is something for everyone in the state. Adventure, Beauty, History, Movies, Music, vibrant food culture, and fun hang around you in a particular west coast state. California is one of the most beautiful and lively places in America. Read on to know the best places to travel in 2021. The first and Foremost best thing about traveling in California is that you can afford to travel here on an economical budget. There are certain things you can only get in California is reasonable and authentic Mexican food, see’s candies, a day at Disneyland, etc. California is the most pleasing state due to its diverse culture, decent living standards, and attractive tourist spots.  So here are 18 fascinating places in California to visit which can make you go bananas.

Big Sur

Big Sur It is known as the longest and most easy on the eye of undeveloped coastline adjoining the United States. It is one of the most exotic seashores among many other beautiful ones. Big Sur is renowned for magnificent bridges accompanied by wonderful restaurants, outdoor adventures, and bucket list hotels.


Disneyland Age is just a number, there is something for each of you at Disneyland. You will find enough rides that are occupied with kids and they even have a rider switch option so that anyone can ride. From Roller coasters to story rides you will see plenty of things for all ages to enjoy. The name Disneyland would already have created a lot of pictures in your mind and it is pretty obvious because this place is packed with amazing things to see and to do. The park always has something exciting to offer such as shows, parades, fireworks, and special events. And if you are not lucky to visit it during fun peak hours, then still this park can fill your day with joy. There are some fun attractions, which make visitors go round the twist no matter what time they visit.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley We can say that, if you are a wine person then this place is for you. The reason being, the finest quality of wines are made at this place. Along with it, you can enjoy exotic seafood. If you are a wine lover then this place is the perfect catch. You also get the facilities of sharing rides to visit different wineries in the town. Apart from it, activities like a bike tour, hiking, games, and many more things are there to grab your attention. Besides, the nightlife is incredible here so you can take advantage of that too.

China Town

China Town Irrefutably we cannot miss ChinaTown which is truly the best destination to roam in Los Angeles. This place is filled with happiness and enthusiasm. Here you can go to see dragon gate, the Chinese American museum, go for a walking tour, and much more. Chinese American Museum is located in the Olvera street area few blocks away from business that constitutes the core of china town. In this museum, you can find ancient Chinese cultural statues which have interesting history back then. One thing that you shouldn’t miss is the food that is super delicious and attracts travelers from different parts of the world.

San Diego

San Diego If you are in San Diego you must explore Little Italy. If you are with your near and dear ones then watching the sunset and hustling- bustling crowd over there is worth visiting the place. You will be glad to know San Diego is a place where not only extroverts enjoy, however it is a type of place where introverts or any type of individual can find things to appreciate for sure.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park Great Sand Dunes is worth roaming due to the eye-catching beauty of its dunes. It is the tallest in California, perhaps the biggest in all of North America. You can enjoy hiking, sandboarding, free ranger programs, Photography, sketch the dune, etc.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe It is a large lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a big tourist pull. The view is enjoyed throughout the year. Snow and Ski resorts are the major parts of Lake Tahoe. Mostly you can find Sand Harbour beach, Tahoe Rim Trail, and Spooner Lake. You can indulge in different activities like biking, mountain climbing, camping, fishing, and plenty of other things.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Santa Cruz is a small town with mesmerizing beaches. It provides relaxed vibes and makes it one of the best places to visit in California. It is also a well-known place for surfing, sightseeing, along with that you can taste different types of cuisines. Moreover, you can explore art and science museum, galleries, which is informative as well as amusing. Still, there are a lot of things that can be visited such as beaches, lighthouses, lakes, and a lot more.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park It is one of the well-known national parks in the US. Yosemite is visited by many tourists every year. The things that attract tourists are Glacier Point, Yosemite Museum, and historical places. Therefore don’t miss out on this remarkable mark to travel in 2021.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier It is known as Tahoma or Tacoma. Mount Rainier is a great place for hiking for all levels of hikers. This place offers beautiful views of the complete area. The visitors enjoy the alluring snowed areas while hiking. You will love to walk the wildflowers, Nature Trails, Ride the mountain.

Kauai Island

Kauai Island Kauai is also named “The Garden Isle”. This Island is also the greenest of all the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is the best destination to visit with friends. Kauai is known for its genuine vision. These include The Coconut Coast, Waimea Canyon, and much more.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara It is a dreamlike shore city in California. It’s the best place for pampering oneself. Visitors enjoy walking along the seashores. Giving way to luxurious spa and treatments. Santa Barbara is a pleasing place, featured by its orthodox Spanish-style buildings.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs This is today known as the golf capital of the world. Palm Springs entertain many traditional events throughout the year. Anyone interested in festivals must visit this place to witness the beauty of this festival. This place has been a famous winter resort destination.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge This Bridge is structured so attractively even the guides acknowledge this bridge to be one of the most fascinating and most photogenic bridges across the globe. This bridge is well designed and coloured to make it friendly to the atmosphere of the real surroundings. Thus, surely shortlist this wonderland in your best places to travel in 2021.

Mono Lake

Mono Lake If you are planning for family outing, outdoor meetings, then Mono Lake is your perfect catch. Mono lake is the most incredible among other lakes in California. Apart from hanging out with kith and Kin you can also enjoy activities like walking tours, kayak tours and other familiar expeditions. It is situated on the Sierra mountains hills. This entire location is commendable and you will certainly have quality time being there.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Laguna Beach is an incredibly mesmerizing destination to travel once in a lifetime at least. You may underestimate its beauty due to its small town. However the small town beauty is packed with hilarious beaches of all sorts ranging from massive to petite and from tranquil to populated.

Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor It is a place where tourists come across the country and is a perfect tourist attraction that seems to have everything you are looking for. It is worth visiting because of many reasons such as scrumptious food, freshly prepared seafood meals while enjoying the breathtaking beach view. Moreover you can do fun activities like whale watching, fishing, shopping and roaming nearby markets, exotic dining options are available too.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art This is the last place and is obviously the most enjoyable and informative place to hang out. Los Angeles County Museum of Art has several types of displays which includes prolific and enormous collections of art from different ancient cultures. You may think it is a monotonous place because of the underrated tag of a museum but trust me once you visit here your Instagram would be flooded with pictures of this place. The above mentioned 18 exotic places might have tempted you to visit all places as soon as possible. However, try to cover 2-3 places in a day because you need time to explore the beauty of each place mentioned above. Every destination has something exhilarating to offer and if you rush to cover it all in a week then trust me you will miss the actual fun of being there.  Additionally, one startling fact about roaming this wonderful location is you won’t go out of budget because economical and affordable alternatives are there to save your pockets. These places are super comfortable, you can plan family trips, casual outings, reunion parties or any other sort of gatherings with your friends or family. All and above, these all destinations are a perfect escape from your daily hectic schedule. It is optional for you to choose one or all destinations to rock your vacation plan. Nevertheless if you are looking to travel then these are the best places to travel in 2021. 

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