Suffocation : Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Suffocation is a problem in which a person faces shortage of air and problem in breathing. Feelings of suffocation difficulties and 'air hunger' are all common with anxiety. Suffocation is also sometimes used for the term Asphyxia or Asphyxiation; It is a situation that consists of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing. This condition causes generalized hyoxia, which affects primarily the tissues and organs in the human body.  The Asphyxiation is basically a word of dying from lack of oxygen, as it can sometimes cause a death.

  • Symptoms of Suffocation:


  1. Breathing rate increase.
  2. Shortness of breathing.
  3. Veins of the neck become swollen.
  4. Lips, face, nails and fingers turn blue.
  5. Pulse gets faster.


  1. Unconsciousness totally or partially.
  2. Froth may appear in the mouth.
  3. Fits may occur.

  • Causes of suffocation: 
  1. At the time of eating if the food going down through the wrong way.
  2. Irritant gasses getting into the air passage.
  3. Bronchial Asthma is also a reason of suffocation.
  4. Swelling of the tissues of the throat.
  5. Compression means applying the pressure on the windpipe and tying the scarf tightly around the neck.
  6. Some conditions affecting the respiratory system of the body, such as paralysis, rabies, tetanus and more.
  7. Lack of oxygen at high altitude with low space of the atmosphere.
  8. When you feel deep sadness and taking more stress.

  • Treatments of suffocation: 
  1. Diet plays an important role in preventing the suffocating feeling. Firstly, keep your health clean as possible so that nervous system become healthy. For healthy living, it is important to avoid refined, cow’s milk, white sugar and white bread. Eat fresh and steamed vegetables regularly, and drink juice and vegetable soup.
  2. If you have suffocation problem, try to control your breath. Daily practice it through inhalation while inflating your abdomen and exhale slowly, deflating your abdomen.
  3. Exercise is the best way to fresh your mind and feels stress free. Yoga and meditation are also wonderful, it is useful whenever you feel suffocated talk to yourself and take deep breathing until you don’t feel well.
  4. Swimming is also a good way to feel relaxed. However, If you don’t feel good from these tricks then consult your doctor immediately. Who can diagnose the problem occurs in your body.

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