How to make your interior decor winter friendly – Top Tips

As the winter is approaching, now it’s a good idea to switch your pillows and bedding to stay cozy and warm. Adding seasonal décor items, textured fabrics and rich colors would transform your home magnificently into a warm treat.

Now, let’s have a look at some tips to cozy up your home whole maintaining the décor winter friendly too:

Layer your bedding: By mere adding a blanket under your duvet or changing the duvet, you can easily make your bedding extra comfy in the chilly weather. How about if you cozy it up with by switching your euro shams to darker colors? Well, you can even match the shams by adding a throw at the foot of your bed.

Add a rug or carpet: If you don’t have one, then it makes sense to invest in a rug or carpet. There are a lot of advantages of having one like reducing noise and grounding your space. When it comes to giving warmth to your home, rugs and carpets are softer than tile of hardwood which makes them a comfy addition to rooms and basements too.

Put out your throw blankets: Throw blankets make a perfect choice for adding the necessary warmth to your home while giving a chic look with its rich colors, patterns and textures. You can display it stylishly over your sofa or you can even fit it into a nice basket for easy access on a night of movies.

Replace your throw pillows: To get the vibe of your room changed, changing the throw pillows on sofas, chairs, and bed makes an affordable and fantastic choice. You can swap out summery pillows for ones with thicker fabrics and fun textures such as: fur, velvet etc.

Get a seasonable candle: You will easily find a festive candle which you can keep it handy on a shelf or coffee table. Lighting a candle or multiple candles would really warm up your space. Apart from this, you can even go for an eco-friendly or child-safe option by buying reallite candles. Why? Because, they are battery-operated and flameless and comes in a big variety of colors, sizes. The best part is they are easy to store, reusable and gives the glimpse of a traditional wax candle.

Hopefully, these winter decor ideas will help you sync in perfectly with the mood of the season and make it a lot less gloomy. Also, you can bring in warmer hues with wall hangings and wall arts that make the décor of your home more pleasing and eye-catching for the coming winter season. This is the perfect time for you to do some shopping for winters and embrace the new change.

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