Why Social Interaction is Important for Seniors?
Social interaction is extremely important for seniors to avoid the problems like depression and anxiety stemming from the loneliness. Among many potential triggers of poor health in aged adults—like injuries, poor medical care, injuries, limited mobility—there is one factor which is often overlooked but has a major impact on overall health i.e. Isolation. There are many elders in the nation who are lonely after the loss of their spouse and living away from the families. On the top of that, ageing affects their mobility which causes a less interaction with their peers and beloved ones. An overwhelmed loneliness can lead to depression, anxiety, behavioral problems and several cognitive diseases. Isolation has profound physiological impact on the aged adults which in turns affect their physical health. This is why socialization for seniors is extremely important for seniors to overcome loneliness. Even studies have proved that older adult who are socially active are less likely to have physical and cognitive issues as they age.By taking note of their isolation and helping a senior to explore more pathways to social interaction, there can be a significant improvement in aged adult’s health while the cost of care can be reduced. Here we have rounded up the benefits of being socially active for seniors:

1. It can Lead to Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Social interactions can do well for senior’s physical health. According to a study by University of Rochester Medical Center, increased social activity can minimize the problems related to blood pressure, heart and arthritis. This is because they stay physically active as they tend to get out of the house more often instead of just staying at one place all day long. Besides, social activities have proven to ease stress and anxiety levels that cause lower blood pressure levels.

2. It Improves Mental Health Conditions

A socially active aged adult is less likely to have health conditions. Spending time with peers or beloved ones, or have someone to talk to can give them a more positive outlook towards life. Taking part in hobbies and social activities keep them busy and joyful state. The Alzheimer’s Society has explained that social interactions can improve sleep quality as well. This is extremely important as taking a good sleep can avoid the problems like depression and anxiety, which dementia patients tend to more prone to.

3. It Provides Stable Support System

Social interactions can help you create a stable support system. For example, when you meet like minded people who can understand your condition, it makes difficult times much easier to go through. You can help each other by encouraging, sharing, motivating and consoling. So, these are the benefits of staying socially active for seniors. You want to stay socially active but don’t know where or how to start. Don’t worry! There are many ways for you to find the ways of social interaction. You can stay in touch with your family or friends by writing letters, emails and have a conversation over the phone. You can join the gym or go for morning walk to engage with other seniors. Visiting a senior center is also a good option.  
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