Top Wedding Trends for 2018!
Have a look at our top wedding trends for 2018 to check out what new things you can try for the upcoming wedding seasons. Every year marks the beginning of new trends in fashion, technology, food and real estate. The wedding industry is not an exception. With 2018 around the corner, the industry is all set to welcome some new trends started by professionals like wedding planners, vendors and floral designers. Besides, people are always looking for new ideas to make their wedding “never seen before”. Learn here which wedding trends are in for 2018 and why.

Smaller Wedding

Simplicity and soberness are here to stay. Given that weddings are an expensive event that may lead to debt, people nowadays stress smaller yet wonderful weddings. As an added bonus, it is easy to flaunt your creativity with décor and style in smaller weddings. Smaller weddings let you spend more money on the wedding venue and vacation spot, instead of spending money on feeding hundreds of guests. When you have a group of 50-70 people, you can invest in more wonderful things like “wedding destinations” or “expensive themes” which are otherwise not possible with big weddings.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging flowers can rock the floral décor in weddings. As couples tend to keep their guest tables simple, ceilings could be decorated. And suspended arrangements are an option.

Guest Entertainment

The wedding entertainment will go beyond DJs, music bands and fire jugglers. Couples are seeking more engaging ways to entertain their guests. For example, photo booths and props have emerged as a new way to amuse the guests. It's fun to include new props that are rarely seen by the guests.


This article is incomplete without the mention of wedding fashion. While white is more than an obvious choice for a bride wedding dress, many designers have come up with new colors like pale pink, blush, glimmering gold, sparkling pewter and light lavender. Similarly, a bridegroom has plenty of options when it comes to dressing, from light gray suit, checkered shirt, solid colors to patterned tie.

Wedding Décor

Weddings in 2016 and 2017 featured 80’s colors like mint green, pink, dove grey and navy blue. The wedding decorators are also suggesting natural and rustic accents like glass vases, tea candles, succulents and metallic accessories. The New Year can welcome deep reds, plum purples and rich gold.


Couples tend to prefer buffets and food stations over traditional seated plated meals. This is because such arrangements let people pick their food taste while walking around to interact with other guests. Some people are becoming creative with their wedding food menu as they’re bringing in farm to table dinners, family recipes and unique desserts. These are some of the hottest trends that can rock the wedding scenario in 2018. Whatever you choose, make sure it goes well with your taste and budget as well.
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